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Turbulent Sea
by: Christine Feehan

Joley Drake has an enormous career, the most famous of all the Drake sisters, her voice loved by millions. On her world tour, she finds both adoration and danger. Somewhere there is someone who loves her. There is someone who hates her. And there is someone who is working behind the scenes to destroy everything she is, everything she loves and believes in.

Ilya Prakenski has the reputation of a Russian hit man. He works for a notorious mobster and yet, he has ties to the Drake family and in particular Joley Drake. When things begin to go terribly wrong on Joley’s tour, Ilya steps in to protect her, much to her dismay. Two strong personalities, powerful magic and danger at every turn keep Joley and Ilya in the midst of turbulent seas.

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Series: Drake Sisters
Sea Storm (anthology) - Book
Magic in the Wind - Book 1
Twilight Before Christmas, The - Book 2
Oceans of Fire - Book 3
Dangerous Tides - Book 4
Safe Harbor - Book 5
Turbulent Sea - Book 6
Hidden Currents - Book 7

Turbulent Sea

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Berkley Jove
Publish Date:
July 2008
Paranormal or Fantasy: Witch- Warlock- Wizard- Sorcerer
Ilya Prakenski
Joley Drake
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