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Katie MacAlister
Jess Macallan
Morgana MacArthur
Ann Macela
Deborah Anne MacGillivray
Karen MacInerney
Allie MacKay
Sara Mackenzie
Jenna Maclaine
Shannon MacLeod
Suzanne Macpherson
Mickee Madden
Shawntelle Madison
Tracy Madison
Piper Maitland
Jennifer Malin
H. P. Mallory
Lucy March
Margaret Marr
Amanda Marrone
Anne Marsh
Joanne Marshall
Jacqueline Marten
Gail Z. Martin
Kat Martin
Hanna Martine
Sandra Marton
Renea Mason
Cate Masters
India Masters
Susanne Matthews
Liz Maverick
Gina L. Maxwell
Jule McBride
Erin McCarthy
Patrica Kathleen McCarthy
Melody Dawn McClarty
Annette McCleave
Heather McCollum
Cheyenne McCray
Sharyn McCrumb
Karen McCullough
Cathy McDavid
Blair McDowell
Caitlyn McFarland
Gwyn Ferris McGee
Crista McHugh
Cassidy McKay
Gracie Corrine McKeever
Shannon McKelden
AnnMarie McKenna
Caitlyn McKenna
Lindsay McKenna
Patricia A. McKillip
Robin McKinley
Meagan McKinney
Stacy McKitrick
Christina McKnight
Jenna McKnight
Michelle McLean
Suzanne McLeod
Bec McMaster
Glenna McReynolds
Richelle Mead
Teresa Medeiros
Kelly Meding
Allison Merritt
Joanne Meyer
Stephenie Meyer
Theresa Meyers
Barbara Michaels
Elizabeth Ann Michaels
Kasey Michaels
Lydia Michaels
Lynn Michaels
Monette Michaels
Shauna Michaels
L. B. Milano
Trish Milburn
Cindy Miles
Cat Miller
Janet Miller
Julie Miller
Kristin Miller
Linda Lael Miller
Robin Leigh Miller
Laura Mills-Alcott
Jocelyn Modo
Barbara Monajem
Rae Monet
Karen Marie Moning
Lucy Monroe
Modean Moon
E. S. Moore
Joanna K. Moore
Kelly Moran
Melina Morel
Alexis Morgan
Mary Morgan
Tamara Morgan
Natasha Mostert
Courtney Allison Moulton
Catherine Mulvany
Vella Munn
Zandria Munson
Christine W. Murphy
Helen R. Myers
Jill Myles
Marina Myles

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