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Meet Annette Blair
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About Annette
Where do you get your ideas? Story ideas come from everywhere, often when I least expect them. Sometimes a reaction sparks an idea, somebody’s cute story, a comment, impossible situations, or those, in the right setting, that could be rife with sexual tension. I've been inspired by a tiny little book in an antique store, and by a ambulance going so slow on the highway that I imagined a granny had stolen it and run away from 'the home.' How long does it take you to write a book? I can write three in a year, if the stories flow easily. Some do and some do not. Mostly, it takes as long as it takes, considering the fact that I work full time as well. Are you a romantic? I am, but I think truly romantic moments are spontaneous and unexpected. When you communicate silently across a room. After you’ve turned off the lights to go upstairs for the night and you sit on the stairs to talk, and suddenly the moonlight reveals the quilt the man you love places around your shoulders. My hero doesn’t buy me jewels; he’d blanche if I wanted a diamond anything. But if I needed a new computer, I'd have it. We don’t go dancing, unless it’s somebody’s wedding, but I’ve never gone out on a winter morning to scrape snow or ice off my car--my hero does that, and he starts the car, so it’ll be warm when I get in. He always knows when to open his arms at the end of a long day. That, in my opinion, is a hero. What was your most romantic moment? When I had two babies, my hero surprised me by hiring my sister to baby-sit for a day. He took me to Boston to shop and for a nice lunch, and in the afternoon, to my blushing dismay, he rented a hotel suite for a few luxurious hours alone together. Do you have any writing fears? I’m afraid I’ll never have time to write all the stories I have inside me. What inspires you? Life. Joy. Happiness. Romance. The pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow, the soul-mate we're all waiting for--proving there is one for each of us, despite the odds. Why have you chosen to write about Rogues? Because I wanted to have fun with some handsome, naughty rogues. Any advice about writing? There is one guarantee in writing: "If you give up, you will not succeed."

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Annette Blair
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